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Kerani Kostopoulou
Dentist (GDC number 74773)

Kerani is the Principal Dentist and has led the practice since October 2002.

She graduated in 1989 from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She moved to Sweden and, after obtaining registration with the equivalent Swedish General Dental Council, started her own dental practice in Central Stockholm. Due to family circumstances she moved to UK where she worked as a dental associate in two mixed NHS and private dental practices.

Kerani realised that her preferred way to work is to provide NHS treatments and is a great supporter of the NHS. She is able to adapt and work in any locality, learn easily and deal comfortably with all changes, whether to clinical practice, legislation or administration. She is a natural learner and keen to keep up to date with new developments, finding time to attend as many courses as possible, including online training. Currently she is studying to complete the MSc in Endontontics (root canal treatment) at the University of Chester, and has already obtained a Diploma in Endodontics. Her patients are the centre in her profession, and she tries her hardest to ensure that the care provided is of the highest standard.


Evangelos Viskadourakis
Dentist (GDC number 176151)

Evangelos graduated in 2007 from the Medical University of Plovdiv (Bulgaria).

He joined the Greek armed forces in Cyprus in 2008, where he was responsible for the oral health of the soldiers, the officers and their families.

In 2009 decided to move to UK and joined the Bank Chambers Dental Practice team.

From the early stages of his career, he developed a great interest in endodontics (root canal treatment) and the restoration of heavy damaged teeth. He has obtained the Master of Science (MSc) in Endodontology from the University of Chester and is a member of the British Endodontic Society.

His aim is to promote the importance of oral hygiene and diet and to meet the expectations of the patient by providing high quality dentistry in a friendly and relaxing environment.

He spends most of his limited free time with his wife and daughter and the rest of it practicing Olympic style archery.


Lyubomira Sakantieva
Dentist (GDC number 180806)

Lyubomira graduated in 2008 from the medical University of Plovdiv in Bulgaria.

Later she moved to Sofia where she worked in a private practice and in 2012 she moved to UK and joined Bank Chambers Dental team until 2013. After the birth of her daughter she spent a year working in Oxford before she rejoined our practice in 2016.

Lyubomira is experienced in providing NHS and private dentistry and she is always keen on discussing and understanding the patient's needs and expectations.

She believes that oral health is of utmost importance and therefore good quality dentistry must be provided to patients of all ages in a friendly and professional manner.


Dental Nurse (GDC number 225519)

Kimberley joined the practice in 2008. Since joining she has obtained the NVQ level 3 in dental nursing as well as completing her studies in Oral Health Education. Kimberley is the head nurse of the practice enjoying all aspects of her job, from nursing to reception. She has made some lifelong friends over the years at the practice, with whom she looks forward to working with on a daily basis.


Dental Nurse (GDC number 163879)

Sarah has been a dental nurse since 2004. She joined the practice in 2006. Since joining she has obtained the NVQ 3 in dental nursing. Sarah is enjoying her dental nurse duties, but finds it equally interesting and rewarding to work in the reception, as her long experience enables her to deal with patient questions.

Sarah appreciates working in an environment where she has very good relationship with all members of staff and being very close friends with many of them. Sarah plans to start training to be an Oral Health Educator.


Trainee dental nurse

Rimsha joined the team recently, and has always been fascinated by jobs related to dentistry. She had applied to study and be a dental nurse before she was offered a job as a trainee dental nurse at the practice. By studying on her own before she started working proved a great advantage and made her able to carry out her tasks with confidence and enthusiasm from her first day of employment.



Currently Fiona is working a few hours per week at Bank Chambers as a receptionist. She very much enjoys being part of the Bank Chambers team and has gained some great friends. Fiona says "I am lucky enough to be able to continue working here part time and during the holidays whilst still studying".